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Athabasca University

Program Learning Outcomes

Graduates from the Bachelor of General Studies (BGS) program will demonstrate the ability to:

  • Integrate foundational knowledge, skills and attitudes from the required humanities, sciences and social sciences courses.
  • Critically examine the theoretical basis of several disciplines which comprise a particular area of interest beyond the core curriculum.
  • Develop appropriate conclusions based on qualitative and quantitative analysis of data drawn from disciplinary and interdisciplinary sources, while recognizing the limits of these analytics.
  • Adopt the mechanisms and processes of critical thinking consciously and systematically to integrate and synthesize diverse ideas and knowledge from multiple sources.
  • Express beliefs, concepts, propositions, arguments, and conclusions that are well-informed by evidence.
  • Present ideas in coherent, concise, and technically correct forms that follow rules of academic integrity.
  • Evaluate the quality and relevance of evidence on the basis of its source and methods used to generate it.
  • Apply knowledge and information synthesized from general and specialized studies to personal, academic, service learning, professional, and/or community activities.

Possible career options

  • administrator
  • advertising
  • conflict mediation and resolution
  • consumer advocate
  • counsellor
  • creative
  • customer care and support
  • educator
  • employment services
  • English as a Second Language (ESL) instructor
  • human resources
  • human services
  • marketing
  • media work
  • government worker
  • pastoral care
  • researcher
  • recreation
  • retail
  • sales
  • settlement work
  • self-employment
  • support worker
  • trades
  • volunteer

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